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Drive More Value from your Analytics Investments

Data-driven organizations utilize dashboards, reports and KPIs to drive business. Yet too many of these information assets create report chaos, confusion, and inconsistencies for decision-makers.

ZenOptics is a Unified Hub for BI and Analytics Assets


Easily discover and access reports, dashboards, and KPIs across your reporting tools


Enable business users to collaborate and create analytic process workflows


Assess and optimize the impact of analytics with visibility of report usage metrics

Many organizations have:

360+ SaaS Applications with Embedded Analytics
4+ BI and Analytics Platforms
30% Increased Spreadsheet Usage

The Benefits of a BI and Analytics Hub

By creating a single access point that connects to all your BI and reporting tools, an analytics hub simplifies the discovery, use, and management of analytics assets such as reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, and more.


Business users easily find and access trusted analytics assets that have been curated into a streamlined experience to support analysis and decision-making.


Business teams can collaborate through analytic workspaces and shared workflows designed to support business processes – all within the parameters of existing policies for compliance and security.


Organizations can increase the value of analytics investments and improve analytics usage by facilitating greater awareness of meaningful information across the entire analytics ecosystem.

Consumable Experience

Interactions are designed to increase the consumption of all your analytics. The interface allows users to focus on what is critical and guides them to the appropriate asset with business context.

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Driving Analytics Adoption at Brown-Forman

Recognizing they weren’t getting the analytics adoption they desired, the enterprise team went to the source and surveyed their internal customers. The resulting solution: a one-stop-shop for easy access to analytics

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The Power of Simplicity for Analytics

Selected organizations that transformed their BI and Analytics with ZenOptics

An analytics hub helps everyone

Empower the entire analytics team, from creators to stewards to consumers

Charles W.

Director of Analytics

"Our company is in the process of moving data and systems to the cloud. My challenge is that not only do we have multiple BI tools (along with myriad reports in spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs), but there has been no guidance on how and where to store everything – sheer chaos. How do I rationalize and prioritize which reports to focus on?"

Lucy B.

Director of Supply Chain

"With all the turmoil in supply chains and financial markets, we depend on analytics for business resiliency. I have reports that are coming from our BI tools, our SaaS applications, our transportation and logistics partners, and a bunch of other custom spreadsheets. Trying to find what we need when we need it is daunting. How can I improve this situation to efficiently find the right information?"

Ana G.

Chief Digital Officer

"The CEO and Board say we need to better understand how data and analytics initiatives are yielding results and how to hit our strategic goals. I need visibility so I can trace our data through to the decisions made and the resulting business impact. I also need to understand how our tools are being utilized – and how to optimize them."

Raj P.

Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst

"I am challenged with navigating the sheer volume of reports that flow through our department. It leaves me very little time for actual analysis and coordination across global business units. It would be great if all the reports were accessible through a single analytics portal to reduce the time spent on tedious activities and focus on what is important."

Zoey M.

Manager, ESG Reporting and Analytics

"With new regulations moving forward on ESG reporting, we need to do a better job of aggregating and managing the various reports that come from multiple systems, both inside and outside the company. I am looking for a solution that allows me to define the workflows along with the associated reports, and efficiently share this with the team and our executives."

Fernando R.

Director, Data and Analytics

"We have invested in multiple analytics technologies, but many businesspeople aren’t using the tools. Their teams are saying that the tools are too complex or don’t meet their needs. Worse, when they find a relevant report or dashboard, getting access is often complicated and creates a delay. My challenge is how to remove frustrations and enable people to effectively create and use BI and analytics resources."

Analytics Leader

Supply Chain

Chief Digital Officer


ESG Reporting

Analytics Leader

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