What is Analytics Collaboration?

Analytics collaboration is the ability to keep business users and their information connected by establishing a knowledgebase of sharing feedback, comments and collaboration features that are directly connected to each report and dashboard.

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The Analytics Collaboration capability is a component of the ZenOptics Analytics Hub, which is a powerful software platform designed to help communicate and share ideas and perspectives. Collaboration through the ZenOptics Analytics Hub combines the analytics asset and the ratings, communication threads together and preserves that information for easy access and future reference.

Key Features:
  • Seamless communication that is contextually associated with each report and dashboard
  • Direct connection with report creators and business subject matter experts
  • Direct sharing of resources with individuals and teams
  • Establish governance and self-service consistency
  • Enhances collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders through ratings, feedback, comments, metadata, sourcing, and other details
  • Creates efficiency with self-service information and knowledge about the report or dashboard
  • Increases understanding because the communication threads are accessible whenever the report is launched
  • Improves productivity by preventing recurring questions
To learn more about Analytics Collaboration and how it can benefit your organization, please read our blog:
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Facilitate knowledge sharing and foster greater understanding of your organization's analytic assets with ZenOptics Analytics Collaboration capabilities.
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