ZenOptics Analytics Hub

The ZenOptics Analytics Hub is a platform that enables productivity, manageability, collaboration, and governance. Through a single interface, the Analytics Hub provides users with direct access to all analytics assets, including reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, applications, and data.

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What is an Analytics Hub

The foundation of an analytics hub is a set of application layers that provide rich capabilities for business users to search, discover, interact, and analyze information. These components are all critical to deliver a cohesive, intuitive analytics experience for decision making.

ZenOptics Analytics Hub - BI Portal, Analytics Catalog, Collaboration, Automation, Governance,

BI Portal: The BI Portal establishes a single interface for users to access and interact with all their analytics assets – including reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, PDFs, and others – from one place regardless of the underlying tool or application.

Analytics Catalog: The analytics catalog serves as the essential technology to create a curated glossary of existing content – along with appropriate metadata for enhanced, contextual understanding of terms, metrics, and key performance Indicators.

Analytics Collaboration: Analytics collaboration provides users with communication tools, the ability to discover and connect with subject matter experts related to a certain topic, and to connect and share resources directly with individuals and teams – all within the established governance and security parameters.

Analytics Automation: Analytics automation enables users to automate the assembly of analytic assets from the analytics catalog to support complex analyses and business processes. This further enhances the user experience and improves productivity.

Analytics Governance : Analytics governance enables stewards to monitor and manage usage of content across the entire analytics pipeline. This enables governance organizations and end users to establish and work within sustained processes and guidelines.

ZenOptics is designed for:


Who use multiple analytic platforms regularly experience greater efficiency and hours of time savings.


Who govern analytics and data assets benefit from better report governance and massive risk reduction.

Executive & Management teams

Who oversee the TCO of analytic and reporting systems are able optimize analytics investment thereby saving millions of dollars each year.

Data & Analytics

Who manage and maintain report lifecycles have complete visibility across multiple tools and platforms to better understand usage.

ZenOptics Features

Single Interface for Analytics

Improve Access to Cross-Platform Information Assets
  • Access to all reports, dashboards, applications, and spreadsheets in a single view
  • Single, secure sign-on
  • Automated analytics metadata
  • Intuitive categorization structure to support knowledge workers

Intuitive Functionality

Increase productivity for knowledge workers
  • Comprehensive search, regardless of underlying source system
  • Automated workflows launched with one click
  • Personalized workspace for quick access to frequently used assets
  • Certified reports
  • BI Glossary for standardization and improved discoverability
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • AI-driven recommendations

Analytics Governance Features

Improve Trust with Consistency and Standardization
  • Report usage statistics
  • Identification of duplicate and unused reports
  • Certifications
  • BI Dictionary and Glossary for standardized terms and understanding
  • Competency Center for shared best practices

Intelligent Management Capabilities

Maximize ROI and Existing BI/Analytics Investments
  • Cross-platform report details
  • Report usage by platform and by user
  • BI Dictionary
  • TCO dashboard for impact analysis
  • Enterprise search

ZenOptics Connectors and Integrations

ZenOptics features a variety of connectors and integrations, including the following: