What is Analytics Governance?

Analytics governance is a set of policies, processes, and procedures across the entire analytics pipeline – from quality and accuracy of data to the discoverability and accessibility of the reports and dashboards – the accuracy, consistency, and security of analytics assets, analyses and analytics initiatives.

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The Analytics Governance capability is a component of the ZenOptics Analytics Hub, which is a powerful software platform that provides guardrails for people to work appropriately and confidently with information across the analytics pipeline. ZenOptics Analytics Governance capabilities serve as a fulcrum, enabling its customers to reclaim control over their analytics initiatives by unlocking the transformative power of information while fostering operational efficiencies and reducing organizational risk.

Image courtesy of Radiant Advisors and ZenOptics, “Better Together: Data and Analytics Governance."
Key Features:
  • Standardized glossary and dictionary for consistent business terminology and definitions
  • Report enrichment by adding contextual information and attributes for enhanced understanding
  • Certification of cross-platform KPIs, reports, dashboards and metadata
  • Report optimization and rationalization to monitor and manage the lifecycle of analytics assets
  • Inherited security and authorizations for access control
  • Common repository of business terminology and definitions
  • Rationalization and report deduplication saves time and resources when it comes to finding and managing the BI and analytics ecosystem
  • Improved consistency and quality in analytics projects
  • Identification of unused and outdated reports and dashboards that should be sunsetted
  • Enhanced trust in analytics outputs and decision-making processes
To learn more about Analytics Governance and how it can help your organization, please read our blog:
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Drive consistency and confidence in your analytics resources with ZenOptics Analytics Governance capabilities.
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