What is an Analytics Catalog?

An Analytics Catalog serves as the essential technology to inventory, categorize and curate a glossary and listing of organized content that consists of KPIs, metrics, reports, dashboards, and documents.

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The Analytics Catalog is a component of the ZenOptics Analytics Hub, which is a powerful software platform designed to help organizations efficiently manage their enterprise analytics assets. It serves as a centralized repository where users can inventory, categorize, and curate a comprehensive catalog of KPIs, metrics, reports, dashboards, and documents. This innovative solution streamlines access to analytics assets, simplifies search and retrieval, and provides contextual data for greater understanding and decision-making.

Key Features:
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Expanded discovery
  • Intuitive search and retrieval
  • Extensive categorization and tagging
  • Simplified access to analytics assets
  • Common definitions and usage
  • Enhanced efficiency in information utilization
  • Contextual data for deeper understanding
To learn more about Analytics Catalogs and how they can benefit your organization, please read our blog post:
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