What is Analytics Automation?

Analytics automation is powerful functionality that is supportive of business processes, analytical analyses and regulatory filings through consistent and scheduled gathering of reports, dashboards, visualizations, and KPIs.

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The Analytics Automation capability is a component of the ZenOptics Analytics Hub, which is a powerful software platform that incorporates augmented intelligence into the analytics catalog to provide cross-platform indexing, metadata about the analytics assets, and usage data. This automation enables ZenOptics Analytics Hub to generate meaningful, robust recommendations that foster greater efficiency during analyses and decision-making processes.

Key Features:
  • One-click launch of automated analytics workflows
  • Refresh scheduling of analytics assets in each workflow
  • Collaboration and sharing capabilities among team members and functions
  • Multiview of reports from various sources in a single tool
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with analytics workflows
  • Consistent and reliable execution of analytics processes
  • Improved agility and faster decision-making through easy access to information from multiple source tools/applications
  • Self-service governance for underlying assets
To learn more about Analytics Automation and how it can benefit your organization, please read our blog:
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