Use Cases

ZenOptics integrates with your BI and analytics ecosystem to maximize your existing investments. It provides a single pane for viewing all your information assets, lending itself to many organizational benefits for efficiency and decision-making accuracy.

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Unified View of the BI and Analytics Ecosystem

As organizations advance their information strategy, many companies face a complex ecosystem of multiple tools and solutions to support analytics. This creates confusion and complexity for analysts and business users as they try to find and access the relevant information to make sound decisions.

ZenOptics addresses this challenge by:
  • Providing a single point of access for all your analytic assets
  • Facilitating seamless navigation between multiple reports and dashboards – regardless of the underlying solution
  • Improving discovery of valuable information
  • Delivering fast access to all relevant reports and dashboards

Tool Migration and Consolidation

As organizations modernize their environments, new tools are often introduced and legacy tools may be retired. This is typically a complicated and resource-intensive process.

ZenOptics helps organizations:
  • Understand which tools and platforms are being used most frequently
  • Determine the most effective tool consolidation strategy
  • Abstract the complexity of migration initiatives, removing much of the disruption to end users
  • Ease change management and accelerate adoption by giving users side-by-side functionality of all tools
  • Compare and contrast reports with side-by-side viewing to reconcile and validate information

Analytics Workflow Improvement and Efficiency

Organizations are built upon recurring business processes. People and teams executing these processes may struggle with inefficiencies due to information in a variety of tools and formats or questions about which information should be used.

ZenOptics addresses this challenge by:
  • Automating standardized workflows to ensure the appropriate reports and information are used for decisions
  • Providing one-click access to launch workflows that consist of a variety of analytics assets, even when the information is sourced from multiple systems
  • Facilitating shared workflows for consistency and transparency between team members and functions

Analytics Governance

The governance of data alone is no longer fully sufficient to ensure confident, accurate, decisions can be made. Report and analytics governance advances this by providing measures for people to work safely and confidently with information across the analytics pipeline.

  • Enables governance oversight for all platforms and users in your BI/analytics ecosystem
  • Identifies exactly which reports and platforms are being used by whom
  • Reveals potential duplicated, inaccurate, or unauthorized reports
  • Facilitates crowdsourcing and self-governance of reports

Mergers and Acquisitions

The activities associated with the integration of organizations is complex and information intensive. Each organization brings its existing tools, structures and processes and must align in the new, joined organization.

With ZenOptics, organizations can:
  • Quickly access all reports in one place
  • Map, understand, and determine the most important and relevant reports
  • Conduct side-by-side review and validation of reporting information
  • Facilitate alignment and integration of information such as charts of accounts and pro forma documents
  • Optimize BI and Analytics tools and licensing for potential cost reductions

Reconciliation and Validation

Reports and dashboards naturally progress through lifecycle stages of usefulness and accuracy. Unused and outdated analytics often accumulate, creating clutter and confusion for users.

ZenOptics allows organizations to:
  • Review report usage statistics with complete visibility across disparate tools in the ecosystem
  • Identify all potential duplicate and redundant reports
  • Create a standardized report lifecycle management process to ensure information is valid and appropriate for use