Beyond Data: Three Keys to Organized and Governed Reports

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Saying that “Data is king” still holds. Now more than ever, people are generating huge amounts of data every day—from social media to the Internet of Things (IoT) people have at their homes or offices. With the exponential growth of connected products and almost 4.57 billion active internet users, data creation is only poised to grow more as time goes by. 

All of this data contributes to the wealth of enterprise information that organizations can analyze to find insights. A cohesive business intelligence and analytics environment that provides visibility into all enterprise information and reports will help businesspeople be able to deliver value from these analytic assets.

Further, since traditional data governance is designed to control only a small, critical subset of data, it is no longer sufficient in today’s massive data landscape. Organizations need a governed environment – encompassing all enterprise information and reports – where analysts and businesspeople can benefit from trusted data as they make operational decisions and do their daily work.

Drive Better Decisions with a Governed Environment

According to an IDC survey, more than half of businesses indicated a lack of trust in the results of their data analysis, as more and more data users are exploring various analytics tools without a proper governance perspective. Difficulty in keeping a unified approach in this complex landscape may result in more serious consequences for non-compliance.

Thus, organizations need to look beyond traditional data governance. In this age of modern data and analytics, a change of mindset is necessary—that which not only focuses on data but also on its reporting and analytics.

ZenOptics’ Decision Confidence Platform presents three keys on how to have a governed environment that will drive better decisions for your organization.

  • Access
    ZenOptics ensures you have seamless visibility and access to a catalog of all enterprise information assets, automated metadata, and inherited security and authorizations so you can efficiently deliver valuable insight to your organization.
  • Assure
    To make business decisions faster and with greater confidence, it’s crucial to have organized and governed data assets that flow through prescribed paths for usability. ZenOptics provides you with certified reports, workflows, recommendations, and even a BI glossary that you can utilize to make better decisions that are aligned with your business objectives.
  • Accelerate
    ZenOptics’ Decision Confidence Platform enables a consistent, efficient decision-making process for your organization. Its single, unified interface is perfect for collaboration and communication between teams. Businesspeople and analysts can easily personalize their views by setting “favorites” and work swiftly by leveraging workflow automation.

Empowering your businesspeople and analysts with a governed reporting environment of all enterprise information assets will not only drive better decisions but also ensure standardization and consistency as information is used from across the enterprise. To learn more, request a demo today!

Published March 29, 2021
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ZenOptics helps organizations drive increased value from their analytics assets by improving the ability to discover information, trust it, and ultimately use it for improving decision confidence. Through our integrated platform, organizations can provide business users with a centralized portal to streamline the searchability, access, and use of analytics from across the entire ecosystem of tools and applications.

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