Empowering Analytics Teams: How To Centralize, Stabilize, and Streamline Analytics for Quick and Confident Decision-Making

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Data-driven leadership remains an aspirational goal for most organizations with only 26.5% of organizations succeeding in doing so. While organizations adopt innovative data-centric technologies to improve their business, the lack of data-driven behaviors and beliefs still limits data usage. According to an IDC report, data culture drives enterprise intelligence. Technology is not what hinders the success of organizations; it is data usage.

This could be because there are many BI tools and technologies in use across various departments, making it difficult for enterprise users to find and access the right data. “Users seek data without realizing what already exists — reaching out to six different people, searching through three to four BI tools, exchanging 12 or more messages, and spending approximately 12 hours finding the right reports,” as Heena Sood, ZenOptics Co-founder and CTO, discussed in a webinar. This kind of siloed data can lead to productivity losses of $25 million per year, $5 million per year in content duplication, and as much as $14.2 million per year in non-compliance costs.

“It's all about how you make the right information available to the right people at the right time,” Heena elaborated. This can be done by:

  • Simplifying analytics discovery across your entire ecosystem
  • Empowering teams to compose analytics and collaborate around the way they work
  • Assessing and optimizing the impact of analytics as usage scales

By designing an analytics experience focused on drive analytics adoption, you unlock the power of your analytics and your people. At the very core of this consumable experience are discovery and access. Organizations need to empower their teams to find and use information — and to collaborate and work smarter and faster with the help of data. Further, organizations must ensure that decisions based on analytics are accurate and have positive business impacts.

Simplicity by Design

The power of simplicity — or “less is more” — is the working principle on which we at ZenOptics built our Analytics Hub. Our design allows organizations to integrate cross-platform analytics into a single portal that simplifies the access, consumption, and use of analytics assets by end users and decision makers. These capabilities unlock the true value of analytics.

Sysco Canada, a ZenOptics customer, has successfully leveraged this approach and shared their success stories in this webinar.

Similar to other large organizations with multiple analytics tools, Sysco Canada, a leading foodservice distributor, faced the challenge of redundant efforts and report sprawl. Its teams would often publish similar reports using different tools and produce different results. In addition, the reports were scattered, making it challenging to identify and locate the information needed.

“It’s an interesting journey that we are in the middle of,” said Jade Hollenbeck, Director of Analytics at Sysco Canada. “What you end up with is [the identification of] a lot of duplication [of effort and reports],” Jade continued, highlighting how decentralized their organization’s information system is, causing confusion about where to search for information when needed. “We lose sight of the big picture… what is going on?” Their analytics workflow involved many people doing similar tasks, resulting in inefficient use of time, effort, and resources.

Through the use of ZenOptics’ Analytics Hub, Sysco Canada was able to simplify its analytics workflow, allowing end users to get the most out of their analytics tools and improve associate onboarding.

Jade also explained how it felt to have thousands of reports, many of which were believed to be of minimal value. With ZenOptics, he was able to identify many duplicate or outdated reports and work with subject matter experts for different areas to clean the reporting environment. The implementation of ZenOptics helped Sysco Canada to increase the awareness of reports availability and decreased time spent searching through the sprawl of reports. Overall, the implementation helped deliver the true value of their analytics.

Empower Analytics Teams and Users With ZenOptics

ZenOptics’ Analytics hub is designed to unify cross-platform analytics assets in a single interface and catalog thereby simplifying the access, consumption and use of analytics assets, unlocking the value of your investments and empowering your people. With ZenOptics, you can discover, compose, and scale.

  • Discover. Business users consume critical analytics assets via automated curation and a simplified, personalized catalog experience.
  • Compose. Teams can collaborate through workflow automation and shared workspaces designed around business processes interlocked with policies for compliance and security.
  • Scale. Organizations can assess and optimize the impact of analytics investments by mining intelligence from connections across teams, assets, and business objectives.

Beyond enabling end users and decision makers, ZenOptics provides report usage, TCO dashboard, report characteristics, and impact analysis — all of which help companies make the most out of their data and their analytics investments. This results in increased productivity, collaboration, manageability, and governance.

To learn more about ZenOptics Analytics hub, request a demo.

Published June 28, 2023
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