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Data and analytics are the cornerstone of any digital transformation. But organizations must address a major gap in this current landscape by increasing the usage across a broader employee population, while managing the complexity that exists today. The ZenOptics Platform aligns the analytics team of creators, managers, and users to fill the gap and drive the necessary impact of analytics.

Flexible and Open Ecosystem

Bring all of your BI and analytics resources together in a single, unified hub. Teams are no longer constrained by complexity – with everything in one place they no longer need to check multiple sources searching for the right information. Additionally, they can rapidly incorporate new resources without waiting for complex integrations.

Fit-for-Purpose Design

Organizations can only deliver a simplified customer experience by understanding and addressing the needs of the analytics consumer. A personalized analytics hub designed for these users, drives greater usage, for more assets, across a broader user base.

Built Around the Way People Work

Business users require the ability to easily orient data within the context of their work and processes. Provide employees with the ability to align analytics assets within their prescribed work(flows) to enhance adoption and the value at the point of impact.

Dashboards for the Digital Leader

Making smarter analytics investments requires insights across the data-to-decision value chain. Aggregate and mine your asset usage metrics, analytics metadata, and behavioral insights to maximize the value of analytics investments, while helping your organization optimize your environment and contain costs.

Main Platform Features

How to increase report visibility and boost user access to critical BI tools including SSRS, MicroStrategy and ThoughtSpot, while supporting increased compliance and regulatory requirements

Implement a centralized analytics catalog for BI content

Simplified discoverability and access, while improving FINRA reporting requirements efforts

“We really wanted to simplify access for our users and essentially create one-stop-shopping.”

Janney enables users to quickly discover and access their most valuable BI resources

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The Essential Intelligence Graph

  • Metadata:Semantically enriched describing assets, flows, people and connections to augment the product experience.
  • Data Management Services: Enhance the graph with auxiliary metadata services such as glossary, dictionary, catalog, quality, lineage.
  • Machine Learning:Embed your own algorithms to expand the intelligence graph.

Connecting the Ecosystem

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  • Enterprise-grade security, compliant with industry standards
  • Single sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Browse and share information with confidence thanks to advanced data encryption
  • 24X7X365 Support