How To Help Data Consumers Find What They’re Looking For

Are scattered reports, outdated dashboards, or version confusion in BI holding you back? These common challenges plague even the most data and analytics-driven insurance organizations. Join Mike Lamble of PremiumIQ and Saurbh Khera, CEO of ZenOptics as they discuss these challenges and present transformative solutions to address them.

Published September 25, 2023
About The Author

A tech entrepreneur, Saurbh Khera has a passion for identifying transformational ideas and building them into strong companies. As CEO and founder of ZenOptics, he is responsible for managing the company’s overall vision, strategy, and business execution. With a mission to help enterprises unlock value from their investments in data, Saurbh developed the ZenOptic analytics hub—an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Saurbh holds a dual bachelor’s degree in computer science from Manipal Institute of Technology, India, and Andrews University in Michigan.

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